• Spinal Injury Accident

    Spinal Injury Accident

    Oceans Breeze Chiropractic provides comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services for patients affected by neck or back injuries due to motor vehicle trauma, slip & fall trauma, or most types of back injuries. Our team focuses on reaching each patient’s functional goals with individualized care plans and services.
  • Auto Accident

    Auto Accident

    Seeking quick and appropriate medical treatment is one of the most vital steps for your personal wellbeing after being involved in an auto accident. If you are feeling unusual discomfort, have any open wounds, are pregnant, or have small children in the car seek medical attention immediately, either by presenting yourself to the ER or calling for an ambulance.
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Chiropractic Care and Treatment in Miami Gardens

At Oceans Breeze Chiropractic, we can develop a customizable chiropractic treatment plan in Miami Gardens that is tailored to your individual case and your specific needs.  That plan may include one or a combination of the above approaches but may also include other options as well.  Furthermore, if it is appropriate to do so, we may refer you to another healthcare or medical professional if your circumstances warrant doing so.  Either way, we will always have your best health and wellness interests in mind.

What Type of Pain Are You Suffering With?

Our chiropractor team in Miami Gardens specializes in a number of treatment modalities that were developed to relieve the patient’s pain and discomfort.  Whether you have been suffering with back, neck, or shoulder pain or discomfort in your joints, ligaments, or muscles, Oceans Breeze Chiropractic is here to help.  We have years of experience and expertise when it comes to the care and treatment of:

  • car accident injuries
  • back and neck pain
  • slip and fall accident
  • spinal cord injury
  • sports injuries
  • trip and fall accidents in Miami Gardens

We also understand how no two patients or their symptoms are ever alike.  That is why we offer different treatment modalities as well as massage and physical therapy along with other chiropractic care services. You can discuss your ailments with us and we’ll customize a treatment program for you.

Prevention of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a common symptom of neck and spinal cord injuries when you consider that there are hundreds of nerves running from the neck to the base of the spine that can be impacted by such an injury.  A chiropractor specialist in Miami Gardens can detect specific facts form the patient’s chiropractic exam and medical history to determine if they will be susceptible the chronic pain that results from a whiplash injury.

This type of process alerts us or identifies if a more aggressive, preventative treatment should be prescribed for those individuals who have an elevated risk of developing any kind of chronic neck and spinal pain resulting from a whiplash injury.  Consequently, there are a number of relatively non-invasive and non-surgical personal injury treatment options in Miami Gardens that can be utilized to address such an issue.

Our Treatment Approach

Our general chiropractor approach in Miami Gardens to managing the care of our patients is vital to the successful treatment of neck pain and spinal cord injuries in Miami Gardens that result from whiplash accidents.  It is also a key component in the prevention of chronic pain from these types of injuries.  Therefore, it is extremely important that the chiropractic treatment chosen for a patient reduces their pain and discomfort as well as any other symptoms they may be suffering with.

Once this initial stage is completed, we shift the focus of our treatment to restoring the patient’s function and mobility.  Once the whiplash injury has been sustained, we assist them in returning to their everyday lives at home and work along with their recreational activities as soon as possible.  Even if a patient is unsure about engaging in these tasks and activities, the process oftentimes involves a gradual transitioning to them.

The next stage involves restoring the patient’s confidence in their abilities in order to return to their normal everyday activity levels.  This is also a key factor in their recovery and rehabilitation.  In an effort to further their recovery from their whiplash injuries, we encourage them to exercise in order to correct any faulty movement patterns and any instability that may exist.  Exercising to promote their general fitness is also important.

Chiropractor Miami Gardens

Since 2003, our patients have always been our priority as well as how we focus on the individual care of each one.  Why continue to suffer with accident injury pain when we can help you return to a happier and pain-free lifestyle almost immediately? For more information about the care and treatment of personal injury accidents in Miami Gardens, please contact Oceans Breeze Chiropractic today at 954-306-2666 or 954-438-2694 and speak with one of our specialists.


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