• Spinal Injury Accident

    Spinal Injury Accident

    Oceans Breeze Chiropractic provides comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services for patients affected by neck or back injuries due to motor vehicle trauma, slip & fall trauma, or most types of back injuries. Our team focuses on reaching each patient’s functional goals with individualized care plans and services.
  • Auto Accident

    Auto Accident

    Seeking quick and appropriate medical treatment is one of the most vital steps for your personal wellbeing after being involved in an auto accident. If you are feeling unusual discomfort, have any open wounds, are pregnant, or have small children in the car seek medical attention immediately, either by presenting yourself to the ER or calling for an ambulance.
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Chiropractic Specialists in Pembroke Pines and Plantation

Welcome to Oceans Breeze Chiropractic, Florida’s leading provider of chiropractic solutions for the treatment of back and neck pain resulting from personal injury.  Your care means more to us than just making your pain go away.  It is about learning and understanding more about your body, in order to take care of it, so that you may enjoy a better quality of life.  We also know that no two individuals are alike, and each will respond to treatment differently.

Overview of Our Services

Foremost, the treatment of specific chiropractic conditions and issues is our main area of focus.  However, we offer the most comprehensive line of treatment methodologies and techniques - including the following:

  • Cryotherapy – the application of cold compresses, cold towels, ice, and ice massage to lower the temperature of the skin’s surface tissues and those located directly below it
  • Electro-muscle stimulation –reducing swelling of the tissues by introducing slight amounts of electrical current
  • Interferential electrotherapy – prompts the body to produce its natural pain killers by introducing small amounts of electrical impulses into the tissue area surrounding the person’s injury
  • Superficial heat – raising the temperature of the soft tissues that are located directly under the skin’s surface
  • Trigger point therapy – the use of sustained pressure to compress the muscles and relax them
  • Ultrasound – the penetrating of deep tissues using sound vibration in order to create a heat response

In addition to these methodologies and techniques, Oceans Breeze Chiropractic also provides massage therapy (manual manipulation of connective tissues, ligaments, muscles, and tendons) and physical therapy (the use of exercise, heat treatment, and massage).

Patient Education

We feel that it’s very important to educate the patient so that they understand more about the chiropractic solutions that we provide; as well as how we use them to eliminate the source of their pain.  Our primary role is to provide more natural solutions for certain health issues and problems.  It is done this way in order to motivate our patients to take an active role in restoring their health and maintaining it.  Furthermore, we encourage them to share what we’ve taught them with the people around them.

Five Primary Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care

There are so many ways your overall health can benefit from spinal adjustments.  You may come to Oceans Breeze Chiropractic for back and neck pain, headaches, or joint and muscle problems.  The following are the top five (5) benefits of regular chiropractic care:

  • Better moods – Spinal adjustments keep your body’s different systems balanced as well as its chemistry.  Chiropractic care benefits those individuals who suffer with bodily chemical imbalances.
  • Correct posture – Adjusting your spine helps to keep its curves and tilts aligned.  In turn, your posture improves in conjunction with those adjustments.
  • Enhances the immune system – When you need an alignment, your nervous system cannot function properly.  This prevents the nervous system from sending information to your immune system.  When you keep your central nervous system (CNS) working properly, your immune system will do the same.
  • Improved sleep quality – Regularly scheduled adjustments eliminates body aches and stress; the more common causes of sleep problems.
  • Stress relief – When your nervous system and spine are out of line, it feels like your entire body is, as well.  It is difficult to manage daily stress.  Once your body feels balanced, you feel more relaxed, with no tension.

It’s important to remember these benefits, and how your overall wellness is attributed to them.  This is true whether you are currently seeing a chiropractor or not.

Why Choose Oceans Breeze Chiropractic?

Oceans Breeze Chiropractic treats patients living in Pembroke Pines and Plantation.  Whether you are currently receiving chiropractic care, or have decided to schedule your first visit, we would love to see you here.

We feel that it is only fair to let you know the aspects about our services.  First of all, we provide thorough evaluations for each patient that visits our office.  We will never take any shortcuts where your health is concerned.  Most importantly, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we are committed to your overall wellness.  And, we will treat you as we would treat our own family members and loved ones.

Call us today at 954-306-2666 or 954-438-2694 to schedule an appointment.  Allow us to evaluate your pain, so that we can assist you to reduce it and manage it better.


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