• Spinal Injury Accident

    Spinal Injury Accident

    Oceans Breeze Chiropractic provides comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services for patients affected by neck or back injuries due to motor vehicle trauma, slip & fall trauma, or most types of back injuries. Our team focuses on reaching each patient’s functional goals with individualized care plans and services.
  • Auto Accident

    Auto Accident

    Seeking quick and appropriate medical treatment is one of the most vital steps for your personal wellbeing after being involved in an auto accident. If you are feeling unusual discomfort, have any open wounds, are pregnant, or have small children in the car seek medical attention immediately, either by presenting yourself to the ER or calling for an ambulance.
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Miramar Chiropractic Care

No matter what type of accident you’ve been involved in, if you’ve sustained a personal injury, Oceans Breeze Chiropractic has been providing the type of care and treatment that you need.  Since 2003, we have cared for and treated hundreds of patients suffering with pain and discomfort resulting from auto accident injuries in Miramar or slip and fall injuries in Miramar, we can handle it.

Our priority with every patient is to ease their pain and get them back on the road to the lifestyle they were enjoying prior to their personal injury accident in Miramar.  From the time we established our practice until the present, we’ve been the chiropractic specialists that individuals, like yourself have turned to on a regular basis.

Common Back Injuries

You would be amazed at how easy a person can sustain injuries that result in back and neck pain treatment in Miramar.  Many injuries typically cause damage to the lower back and many of the spinal nerves in that area.  The more common back injuries that people sustain include:

  • herniated discs
  • lumbar spine sprains
  • thoracic spine sprains

At Oceans Breeze Chiropractic, we have treated numerous lumbar and thoracic spine sprains throughout our history.  Our chiropractor specialists in Miramar have seen the different types of damage that sprains can cause.

For instance, herniated discs result when a spinal displacement puts additional pressure on an individual’s spinal cord and the nerves surrounding it.  Sciatica usually occurs if the sciatic nerve gets compressed.  This condition is characterized by pain that radiates from the lower back into the buttocks and down the legs.  Regardless of the personal injury sustained in an accident that is causing your pain or you might have spinal cord injury in Miramar, our team of specialists can identify the source and determine what type of care and treatment will quickly resolve the issue.

How Will You Benefit From Chiropractic Care

In addition to relieving your pain, chiropractic care and spinal adjustments in Miramar can provide a number of important benefits.  This is especially where your overall health and wellness is concerned.  Oceans Breeze Chiropractic is available for any patients suffering with back and neck pain, headaches and joint, ligament, or muscle discomfort.  As a patient, you could benefit in the 5 following ways:

Better moods – your body’s chemistry and different systems can be balanced with regularly scheduled spinal adjustments and result in better moods.

Enhanced immune system – your immune system has difficulty functioning properly and your central nervous system cannot send information to it whenever your spine is not aligned properly.  Keep your spine aligned with regular adjustments and it will help your CNS to function properly.  In turn, this will enhance your immune system.

Improved quality of sleep – getting a good night’s sleep can be a real challenge when you are dealing with aches and pains as well as stress.  Having your spine adjusted on a regular basis ensures better sleep quality by eliminating these issues.

Proper posture – it’s a given that adjustments not only help to align spinal curves and tilts, they will ensure that you maintain proper posture.

Stress relief – your body just feels out of whack whenever your CNS and spinal cord are not aligned properly.  Until your body feels balanced, managing your daily stress and tension will be extremely difficult.

Why Choose Oceans Breeze Chiropractic?

When it comes to seeing a chiropractor, remember that no two treatment facilities are alike.  There are two reasons why you should choose us for your personal injury treatment in Miramar.  First, the way an injury affects you will vary, hence the need for different treatment techniques.  Second, our chiropractic team in Miramar has the same goal with every patient – to ensure that they are able to return to their normal everyday life without pain and discomfort.

Chiropractor Miramar

For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment for evaluation, please contact Oceans Breeze Chiropractic today at 954-306-2666 or 954-438-2694.  Let us show you how we can have you on the road to recovery and help you return to normal life in no time.


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