• Spinal Injury Accident

    Spinal Injury Accident

    Oceans Breeze Chiropractic provides comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation services for patients affected by neck or back injuries due to motor vehicle trauma, slip & fall trauma, or most types of back injuries. Our team focuses on reaching each patient’s functional goals with individualized care plans and services.
  • Auto Accident

    Auto Accident

    Seeking quick and appropriate medical treatment is one of the most vital steps for your personal wellbeing after being involved in an auto accident. If you are feeling unusual discomfort, have any open wounds, are pregnant, or have small children in the car seek medical attention immediately, either by presenting yourself to the ER or calling for an ambulance.
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Pembroke Pines Chiropractic Care and Treatment for Pain

The value of chiropractic treatment in Pembroke Pines is oftentimes understated, especially when an individual has been suffering with the back, neck, or shoulder pain of an accident-related injury.  Whenever you’ve sustained an injury in Pembroke Pines, or due to other spinal ailments, Oceans Breeze Chiropractic is Florida’s leading provider of treatment solutions for the pain and accident-related injuries.  For our chiropractor Pembroke Pines team, it’s more than just a matter of relieving your pain.

For us, it’s about knowing our patient’s, learning and understanding about their bodies, and taking care of you in order to improve your quality of life.  We also realize how every patient is different and so is the way that they will respond to treatment.  Along with regular chiropractic Pembroke Pines care, we are dedicated to providing superior patient care, education, and satisfaction.  Since 2003, we have been South Florida’s leading provider of chiropractic healing services.

What Should You Expect on Your 1st Visit to Our Office?

Most patients don’t know what to anticipate when visiting our care and treatment facility for the first time.  So when you call for your first appointment at Oceans Breeze Chiropractic, here is what you can expect to transpire while you are here:

Initial paperwork – you’ll need to fill out a little paperwork in order to provide us with your personal information and what type of condition you are suffering with.

Chiropractor in Pembroke Pines consultation – your chiropractor will consult with you once you have completed the initial paperwork.  This will give you an opportunity to discuss your health-related issues with the doctor and determine what you options for treatment may entail.

Examination and medical history – your chiropractor will ask several questions about your condition in order to determine the source of your pain and discomfort.  At that point, they will perform some special tests to help them determine the nature and extent of your injury-related pain.

X-ray research – depending on your condition, we may need to take X-rays to assist in the development of an effective chiropractic treatment plan in Pembroke Pines as well as rule out the possibility of a more serious condition.

Follow-up appointments – After we have finished your examination and completed the necessary research, we’ll schedule a follow-up appointment. Then we will begin the treatment.  This does not rule out providing you with relief during your initial visit.  In most cases, you will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment within 1 or 2 days whenever possible.  We will also provide you with a thorough review of our findings.

Instructions for home care – before you leave, we will provide you with instructions regarding home activities or procedures.  This may include the application of heat and ice, certain activities or positions that should be avoided and home exercise and/or stretching instructions.

Getting The Proper Treatment Is Crucial

One of the greatest benefits to finding the right chiropractor team in is being able to get proper treatment for your back pain and neck pain in Pembroke Pines.  However, the chiropractor-patient relationship that develops over time is also a key consideration.  If this is the first time you’ve visited Oceans Breeze Chiropractic for treatment, we value your decision and are committed to ensuring your trust in our practice.  If there is a specific health problem that we need to be aware of, we will do our best to accommodate you.

We also understand the need to choose a chiropractor in Pembroke Pines that is caring and compassionate to the needs of every patient.  While we are learning more about you and ailments that have led to discomfort and pain, we will adjust our treatment approaches to ensure that you are cared for properly.  Our role is to pinpoint the cause of your pain and recommend the right treatment solution.  Oftentimes, it may be a whiplash injury or spinal injury due to a slip and fall or trip and fall in Pembroke Pines. 

Chiropractor Pembroke Pines

For more information regarding our chiropractor treatment services or to schedule an appointment for examination, please contact Oceans Breeze Chiropractic at 954-306-2666 or 954-438-2694.



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